B.Tech. Civil Engineering

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B.Tech Civil Engineering 4yrs M.G. University Syllabus


Develop the institution into a central of excellence and moulding generations as expert engineers, scholars and researchers and there by serving society and nation to encounter the challenges and realities in the future


Civil Engineering, the pioneer of the all engineering in the world. Develop the nation , and world by planning, constructing, maintaining, and protecting through new infrastructure development and preservation of inherent assets. Civil engineering enable generations to become experts in the field of construction engineering , transportation engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering etc.

Civil Engineering Association

Civil Engineering association was established with the main objective of sharpening the talents in students through co-curricular activities to develop them as eminent and efficient civil engineers. The association was inaugurated on

The association organized a Tech fest ‘900 2014 always upwards’ during March 28 – 29 ,2014. The tech fest was inaugurated by ……………………………………………………. And the chief guest ………………………. of the test was …………………………..
Competions were conducted in many aspects of civil engineering and students from various colleges within and outside the district participated in the competitions

Industrial Trainings/Visits

The students of 2011-15 batch had visited Hindustan News Print Factory as a part of their industrial visit. The officials of factory has given them a good description about the processing of raw materials and manufacturing of paper in the factory.
On 27th August,2015 , they had visited Krishna Sagara dam ,Mysore and they were accompanied by the staff members Miss. Giby M K., Miss. Resmi Remesan and Mr. Joshi. P. John Assistant professors of Civil Engineering Department . The office in charge has explained the various aspects of the inspection gallery, regulating etc.



The students of 2012-16 of Civil Engineering had visited the construction site of Mahavir Builders at Bangalore on 18th September of 2014 and has got a good experience regarding the practices in construction of major buildings. They were accompanied by the faculty members Miss. Reeba K Eapen., Mrs. Sini P Kuriakose and Mr. Joshi. P. John Assistant professors of Civil Engineering Deparment .

They also made a visit to the construction site of Sree Ayyappa Medical College at Vadasserikkara. The Chief Engineer in charge of the project has explained the details of different ongoing construction works there. They had also visited the mini dam in that area. Students got a very good exposure and understanding about the construction practices of various civil engineering works such as buildings, culverts, retaining walls, earthen dam, road works, etc.

Lab Facilities

Civil Engineering Department of the college is equipped with all modern lab facilities associated with various subjects in Civil Engineering. The different laboratories associated with Civil engineering department are the following:

Survey Lab

The Department has a well maintained and well equipped survey lab having a plinth area of — m2. The survey lab is supported with instruments which empower students in various fields of surveying, such as Chain survey, Compass survey, Plane table survey, Levelling and Theodolite survey. The lab is also having Total station survey instruments for studying advanced surveying techniques.

List of equipments

  • Chain
  • Dumpy level
  • Prismatic compass
  •  Theodolite
  • Plane table
  • Total station
  • Box Sextant
  •  Levelling staff and accessories.

Strength of materials lab

The strength of materials lab is facilitated with machines and equipments to measure the strength, toughness, hardness of the materials such as, steel, concrete, and timber. This lab is utilized by Civil engineering students as well as students of Automobile and Mechanical Engineering.

  • List of equipments
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Spring Testing Machine (Tensile Tester)
  •  Torsion Testing Machine
  •  Vicker Hardness Tester
  • Impact Testing Machine
  • Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Tester
  • Torsion Pendulum Apparatus

Geotechnical Engineering lab

The lab is equipped with various machineries and instruments for studying various properties of soil such as Bearing capacity, Permeability, Consolidation, Shear strength parameters, Compressive strength, Atterberg limits, etc.

  • Hot Air Oven
  • Sieve Shaker
  •  Lab Permeability Apparatus
  •  Direct Shear Apparatus
  •  Vane Shear Test
  •  Electronic Balance
  •  Unconfined Compression Tester
  •  Consolidation Apparatus
  •  Triaxial Compression testing machine

Material Testing Lab

This Lab is well maintained with equipments for testing compression, strength, toughness, fineness etc of various materials such as cement, concrete, aggregate, brick, tiles etc.

  • Compression Testing Machine
  •  Sieve Shaker
  •  Le- Chatelier Mould and Flask
  •  Density Basket
  •  Mould
  •  Pycnometer
  •  Hot Oven
  •  Compaction Factor Apparatus
  •  Vicat Apparatus
  •  Slump Test Apparatus
  •  Bulk Density Container
  •  Electronic Balance
  •  Lab Concrete Mixer

Transportation Engineering Lab

A well maintained and equipped laboratory with facilities for tests related to highway and transportation etc.

  • Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine
  •  Aggregate Impact Testing Machine
  •  Ductility Testing Machine (Set)
  •  Universal Penetrometer
  •  Tar Viscometer
  •  Bitumen Extractor
  •  Aggregate Crushing Value Test Apparatus
  •  Flakiness Guage
  •  Elongation Guage
  •  Water Bath
  •  Softening Point Apparatus
  •  Spring Balance
  •  Heater
  •  Electronic Balance (20 kg x 1 gm) & (500 gm x 0.01 gm)
  •  Pycnometer
  •  Thermometer

Environmental Engineering Lab

The following lab testing apparatus are provided for doing tests on water and waste water.

  • Hot Air Oven
  •  Muffle Furnace
  •  BOD Incubator
  •  Flocculator Jar Testing Apparatus
  •  Magnetic Stirrer
  •  Water Bath (Ring type)
  •  pH Meter
  •  Chemical Kit for Sampling & Analysis
  •  Digital Conductivity Meter
  •   Weighing Balance (220 gm x 0.1 mg) & (2 kg x 0.01 gm)
  •  Borosil Single Distillation Unit
  •  Digital Turbiditymeter
  •  Heater Coiled Stove
  •  COD Apparatus


Computer Aided Design Lab provides facilities for the students to learn various tools used in drafting, modeling, analysis, and design of various structures related to Civil Engineering using softwares like AutoCad, Staad, Primavera etc.

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