A Day With Dr. P.V. Manoranjan Rao

On the bright morning of April 29th 2017, I became fortunate enough to attend one of the most inspiring sessions ever held at Kottayam Institute Of Technology & Science, Chengalam under the guidance of Dr. P.V. Manoranjan Rao, a veteran space scientist and author from India. From the interactive session as well as from personal conversation I realized that apart from being a great scientist and an inspiring leader, Mr. Rao is truly an extraordinary human being with gifted qualities. The former Group Director of VSSC gave a comprehensible idea on space research and scientific studies.
Even though he is enormously respected at all parts of the world yet I have to admit that his demeanour was self-effacing, gracious, and polite. Mr. Rao is a man of immense knowledge and boundless experience. His thoughts could inspire anyone to have a career in the field of Space & Technology. As a curious student I acknowledge the fact that he has enlightened me as well as the students of our institution to a significant extent. Moreover, I was lucky enough to travel for a short period of time along with Mr. Rao who has 31 publications in various journals, Indian and International, and has authored 8 technical reports internal to the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre . It was a pleasure to have a brief conversation on India’s Space Research & Technology with the great man himself. I am deeply indebted to Kottayam Institute Of Technology & Science, Chengalam and KiTS Innovibes 2K17 for the glorious opportunity.

Mahesh Kumar V

I am Mahesh Kumar V, Mechanical Engineerining student of Kottayam Institute Of Technology & Science.  My experience on the course Mechanical  Engineering has become professional,seamless and interesting after  being a student of Kottayam Institute Of Technology & Science. My tutors are fabulous. The Professors of  our  college do have a special  talent for motivating and inspiring confidence.  They are very much informative and guiding. The leadership of the Principal and the Director is inextricably linked to student performance. They encourage & support students in academics as well as in other  co-curricular activities. For all intended purposes,  I recieve an excellent educational experience attending KITS. It is fairly inexpensive for what you will recieve in return.

Sreedevi Anand

I’m Sreedevi Anand, Electronics and communication Engineering student of Kottayam Institute of Technology & Science.I am thankful to Lord for giving me an opportunity to study in this college because we are provided with a calm and quiet campus.Our management provides us very good facilities such as such as well experienced professors and lab instructors, well equipped lab, ATM-bank facilities, transportation facilities and so on.Also they provide us with IIT CDEEP class, advanced library with internet facilities etc.“Makes your career dreams come true”. As in the Motts of our college our dreams are becoming true, through the placement cell .

Sebin Johny

I’m Sebin Johny, Electronics and communication Engineering student of Kottayam Institute of Technology & Science.I am so glad to be a student in KiTS college. We have good facilities like well equipped lab, good professors and so on.Our management provides us a calm and quiet campus with a savourious food cafeteria.Also they encourage us in our co-curricular activities such as sports and games.Also we have a friendly management and faculty members.Each faculty is a role of model for all of us and they guide us academically and personally.Also we have a placement cell in our college.

Nissy Elia Chacko

I am Nissy Elia Chacko,  Civil Engineering  student of Kottayam Institute of Technolgy and Science. I am from Idukki. So now I am a hostler.
In a garden we can find flowers, trees etc like that my college is a garden, we students are the flowers and our teachers are the trees. My teachers are my strength. Each and every faculty in my college is like my parents; they teach me something new, they care me, they make me relax and so on.
My campus! It is such a wonderful place. My Principal and Director… they are my role model to achieve success in my carrier.
My hostel ! It is not just a hostel, it is my house. We are living together as one family. The dispensary facility provided in our college make me comfort during illness. Many kinds of games are also provided to refresh our minds.
In all manners I’m enjoying a new life which I ever experienced… I am proud to be one among the student in KiTS.



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