Placement Cell

Value based higher education is the peculiarity of KiTS institution. Instead the job oriented syllabus of the institutions enables the students to acquire a job with the completion of their course. The institution is much vigilant on the requirements of the commercial industry as well as the scope of the jobs. So KiTS offers special add-on courses to the syllabus concerned.

The Department of Placement and Training in Kottayam Institute of Technology & Science holds a group of dedicated and committed staff members under the leadership of a ‘Placement Officer’ whose primary objective is to mould the students in ways to meet the corporate expectation and to place them in reputed companies based on the expected job profile of each student.

In pursuant of our dream to provide placement to all students, we have invited various companies to our campus.

Sl.No. Name Branch Company Name
1 Sebin Johny ECE Wipro
2 Tony Paul ECE Tech Mahindra
3 Alwin ECE Speridian Technology
4 Athira Varghese ECE Dynactionize Pvt. Ltd
5 Shebin C Babu ECE Eloite Innovations Pvt. Ltd
6 Anjaly S ECE Wisilica India Pvt.Ltd
7 Aswathy EEE KSEB
8 Linsa Anna Sam EEE GIT College
9 Roby Ann Augustine EEE Power Craft , Changanasserry
10 Renjin EEE Airport Trainee
11 Sijil EEE Unipower , Ernakulam
12 Ashith EEE Construction Airport
13 Vishal Vijayan MECH Daikin
14 Gosh R J MECH CEAT Tyres
15 Edwin Siby MECH Nippon Toyota
16 Hari Sankar CSE Wisilica India Pvt.Ltd
17 Anoop K Vijayan CSE Sumskar System Pvt. Ltd
18 Akshaya Subhash CSE Steam Perfect Global Service
19 Anju Jenin CIVIL I Develop Constructions Pvt Ltd.
20 Midhun Michel CIVIL Innovate Builders
21 Sujith S CIVIL Green Worth Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd
22 Rohith CIVIL K V J Builders and Constructions
23 Anu James CIVIL Space Intimate , Ernakulam
24 Ashika G Nadh CIVIL Space Intimate , Ernakulam
25 Jayakrishnan ECE
26 Soumya ECE College of Engineering and Technology
27 Jesna Thomas ECE GIT College



The list of candidates shortlisted on various companies on ASPIRE 2016-MEGA JOB FAIR :-


  1. Anjana Satheesh-KITS
  2. Akhil C Gopi       -CUSAT
  3. Anju Anil             – Sree Vellappally Nadesan College of Engineering

   Result Awaited:

  1.  Jesna Thomas       -KITS
  2. Tony Paul                -KITS
  3. Anju Baby               -VISAT
  4. Minnu George       -COE KIDANGOOR
  5. Athira Ramachandran-COE KIDANGOOR
  6. Lakshmi R. Nair     -CUSAT
  7. Joseph Shajan        -COE KIDANGOOR
  8. Devika                      -CUSAT
  9. Arun Thomas Baby-GEC,IDUKKI
  10. Jessy Tom Puthet   -CHRIST UNIVERSITY
  11. Aleena K. S.             – JNCE
  12. Linto Luckose         -VISAT
  13. Sony Susan Eapen -COE KIDANGOOR
  14. Dayana Thomas     -CUSAT
  15. Meera Many            -COE KIDANGOOR
  16. Litty Thomas          -INFANT JESUS THOOTHUKUDI
  17. Nisha Shaji             -COE MUNNAR
  18. Sisi K.                      -CUSAT

  1. Litty Thomas
  2. Praveena Vijayan
  3. Sanju Mathew
  4. Jayakrishna Menon
  5. Vishwanath S. Nair
  6. Sujith K. Sudhakaran
  7. Abhishekh K.

  1. Robin Sebastian-KITS
  2. Jayalakshmi D.  -KITS
  3. Jeswin Kuruvila -KITS
  4. Divya Krishnan-CUSAT
  5. Amal Christy Thomas -CUSAT
  6. Yeshwanth S. Naick-CUSAT
  7. Prince Joseph-COE KIDANGOOR
  8. Maria Thomas-MBCET
  9. Jibin Jacob Mani-SAINT GITS
  10. Karthik Kumar-SAINT GITS

Company Address : Manufacturers of Precision, Machined Components


Post: CNC Machine Operator

  1. R. Vishnu – KITS
  2. Tony V. J. – KITS
  3. Tojo Thomas- KITS
  4. S. Sanjay – KITS
  5. Judhin Varghese Mathew- KITS
  6. Abhijith R. Kumar – KITS
  7. Achu Somanadhan – KITS
  8. Tony Thomas – KITS
  9. Saju Punnoose  Chacko – KITS
  10. Aravind G -KITS
  11. Arjun Suresh – KITS
  12. Goldish Gopal -KITS
  13. Jiby George – KITS
  14. Midhun P – KITS
  15. Josh John – KITS
  16. Jacob C.Raju – KITS
  17. Aneesh Constantine – KITS
  18. Arjun Shaji – KITS
  19. Anand .R –  KITS
  20. Doney Francis – KITS
  21. Jaya Krishna Menon- KITS
  22. Abin Xavier- KITS
  23. Abhijith .P. Sadasivan- KITS
  24. Ibnu Salim CA- KITS
  25. Ameer.P- KITS
  26. Alby James- KITS
  27. Vaisakh Unnikrishnan- KITS
  28. Nithesh SG- KITS
  29. Midhun P.mohan- KITS
  30. Shahin .P- KITS
  31. Sarin John  – Saint Gits College of Engineering
  32. Amal C Abraham- Saint Gits College of Engineering
  33. Finny Varghese- Saint Gits College of Engineering
  34. Gokul Ramanadhan K. – Saint Gits College of Engineering
  35. Nandhu Giresh- SNG College

Besides the placement activities, focusing on the present necessary employment dexterity, we help our students in extended soft skill training like communication skill, writing skill, presentation skill, group discussion, mock-interview and more to witness them perform well in campus interviews.


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Placement and Training

Value based higher education is the peculiarity of KiTS institution. Instead the job oriented syllabus of the institutions enables the students to acquire a job with the completion of their course. The institution...

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